Contemporary painting and murals

Selected Murals


August, Chilliwack Mural Festival, Canada. Exterior mural: “Use Your Voice.” ~20’x50’


December, The Raw Project, Miami, USA. Exterior mural: “Nate Dee.” ~28’x30’

September, Murals in the Market, Detroit, USA. Exterior mural: “Rosa Parks.” ~38’x68’

September, Uptown Mural Project, Kelowna, Canada. Exterior mural: “Fire Season.” ~18’x80’

August, Nelson Mural Festival, Nelson, Canada. Exterior mural: “John Fred Hume.” ~22’x40’ 

July, KOLAB, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “Rêve d’avenir.” ~35’x40’

July, Adidas Flagship Store, Paris, France. Interior mural: “Donavan Mitchel & James Harden Take on Summer.”  ~18’x24’

May,  Laval Junior Academy, Laval, Canada. Interior mural: “Malala Yousafzai.” ~12’x16’

April, Laval Junior Academy, Laval, Canada. Interior mural: “Ellen Gabriel.” ~12’x13’ 


October, US Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Exterior mural: “A New Perspective.” ~16’x50’

October, collaboration with Fin Dac, The Raw Project, Denver Colorado, USA. Exterior mural: “Future Positive.” ~18’x55’

September, MU, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “Daisy Peterson Sweeney.” ~30’x30’

August, BUMP, Calgary, Canada. Exterior mural: “ᓲᐦᑳᑎᓯᐃᐧᐣ / Sôhkâtisiwin / Strength; Power.” ~55’x110’

June, Lake of Two Mountains High School, Deux-Montagnes, Canada. Interior mural: “Reconciliation, Righting the Wrong.” ~7’x15’

May, Brick Lane area, London, England. Exterior mural: “Charlie Burns.” ~10’x9’

January, Street Prints Otautahi, Christchurch, New Zealand. Exterior mural: “Whero O Te Rangi Bailey.” ~45’x30


December, Street Prints Mauao, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Exterior mural: Peri Kohu. ~18’x65′

December, The Raw Project at Earlington Heights Elementary, Miami, USA. Collaborative exterior mural with Paola Delfin. ~ 20’x 50′

November, SuViche Las Olsas, Fort Lauderdale, USA. Interior mural: “Adore,” ~10’x 12′

September, The Raw Project, Denver, USA. Exterior mural: “Rise Above,” 22’x18’

August, Le P’tit Fest du Nord, St-Jerome, Canada. Exterior mural: “To Give is to Receive, To Receive is to Give,” 22’x16’

August, Le Livart, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “American Tragedy,” 12’x26’

August, Paint Outside the Lines, APTart project, Beirut, Lebanon. Exterior mural: “Facing the Future,” 50’x 70’

June, MURAL Festival, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “Leonard Cohen” 130’x90’

May, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. Exterior mural: “Create Peace” 18’x20’

May, Bloc Shop, Montreal, Canada. Interior mural: “B-Girl Stance,” 16’x22’

Apri, Jardin Orange, Shenzhen, China, Exterior mural: “Flow The Chi,” 24’x20’

February, Art Synonym project, Mexico City, Mexico. Exterior mural: “Another World,” 10’x70’


November, The Raw Project, Miami, Florida. Exterior mural: “Tribute to Standing Rock,” 22’x35’

October, APTart Diversity project, Portland, Oregon. Exterior mural: “Under the Same Sky,” 50’x60’

September, MU project, Montreal, Quebec. Exterior mural: “Hommage à Janine Sutto,” 30’x35’

August, Montreal, Quebec. Exterior mural, “Tilly,” 35’x 20’

June, A Love Letter to the Great Lakes project, with Pangea Seed, Toronto, Canada. Exterior mural: “David Suzuki with Atlantic Salmon” 26’×64’ 

February, APTart Gender Equality project, Karak, Jordan. Exterior mural: “Change from the Inside,” 20’ x15′

February, APTart Gender Equality project, Zarqa, Jordan. Exterior mural: “Create Equality,”  35’x30’


January, Bloc Shop, Montreal, Quebec. Interior mural: “Vavo, the Montreal OG,” 18’x18’

December, Wynwood, Miami, Florida, USA. Exterior mural with Fin Dac: “The Sun Goddesses,” 16’x 42’

November, Blick art store, Hollywood, California, USA. Exterior mural with Angelina Christina: untitled, 12’x35’

November, 3RoundBurst, Los Angeles, California, USA. Exterior mural with Angelina Christina: untitled, 18’x25’

October, Portfolio Centre, Atalanta, Georgia, USA. Exterior mural:”In Art and Design,” 30’x 55’

July, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal. Exterior mural: “Coraline” 16’x 28’

June, Off Mural Festival, Montreal, Canada. Exterior collaborated mural: “La Famille,” 25’x60’

April, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. Interior mural: “Process of Identity” 11’x12’

March, Cancun, Mexico. Exterior mural with Paola Defin: untitled, 8’x35’

April, FIAP Art festival, Cancun, Mexico. Exterior mural: “Ella era la selva y de ahí llegó el hombre,” 26’x50’

February, Bhutan International Festival, Thimphu, Bhutan. Exterior art billboard: “Smiling Monk,” 12’x16’


December, Art Week Miami, Wynwood, Miami, USA. Exterior mural: “Vavo the Montreal OG,” 18′x16′

December, Art de Bario Little Haiti Mural Project, Little Haiti, Miami, USA . Exterior mural: “A Swirl of Happiness,” 25′x32′

December, Art de Bario Little Haiti Mural Project, Little Haiti, Miami, USA . Exterior mural: “Jean Michel Basquiat,” 11′x17′

August,, Essencia Water Festival, Toronto, Canada. Exterior collaborative mural with Essencia Art Collective: “Hello Otter,” (one section of entire mural) 25’x15’

August, Cabane à Sucre exterior mural event, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “Indian Man,” 10’x12’

August, Off the Hook Clothing Shop, Montreal, Canada. Interior mural: “Bearded Man,” 7’x12’

July, L’Art Ici SVP Festival, Moncton, Canada. Exterior mural: “Universe in his Eyes,” 25’x60’

June, Memorial for Buffalo Creek Disaster, Buffalo Creek, WV, USA .Exterior mural: “Buffalo Creek Memorial,” 25’x60’

June, MURAL Festival, Montreal, Canada. Exterior mural: “Portrait of Mary Socktish,” 35’x20’

February, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Exterior mural: “Children See Magic,” 25’x30’

November, Wynwood, Miami, USA. Exterior mural with Angelina Christina: “Medicine Falcon,” 18’x36’

November, Wynwood, Miami, USA. Exterior mural: “Red Portrait,” 18’ x 12’

Selected Group Exhibition


October, Straat Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

October, Deconstruction, S16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada. 

March, Figurative Group Show, Station16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada.

February, Nuit Blanche Montreal, Anteism Books project space, Montreal, Canada. 


October, Darts on a Map, Line Dot Editions, Chicago, USA. 

January, Le Livart, Montreal, Canada.


May, The Impeccable Bunch, GO Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 


November, International Artist Group Show, Jardin Orange, Shenzhen, China.

October, The Art of Painting, Urban Art Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

June, XL4, Mai, Montreal, Canada.


June, Connect4, pop-up Exhibition, Montreal, Canada.


October, Égrégore, Galerie Yves Laroche, Montreal, Canada.

October, Current, Arsenal Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada.

April, Sacred, Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA.

June, Group Exhibition, Galerie Yves Laroche, Montreal, Canada.

March, Full Circle, En Masse art installation and exhibition at Station16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada.

January, Momento Mori, Station16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada.


September, Live Free, Hellion Gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA.

April, Salon Masse, Galerie Pangee, Montreal, Canada.


November, Big Bang, En Masse Installation. Musée des beaux arts de Montréal, Canada.

September, Decover, Galerie du Plateau, Montreal, Canada.

March, En Masse Retrospective, Galerie Pangee, Montreal, Canada.

February, Seventh, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada


September, 11|12|09|10, CrossCheck Studio, Montreal, Canada.

June, Devout/Divine – Fashion vs Religion, MODEMUSEUM Hasselt, Belgium.


September, Configuration of Posture, Pose and Purpose, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver,

August, Poor Traits, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal, Canada.


December, Photo Op, Galerie Plum, Montreal, Canada.

March, The Sexy Show, Galerie Headquarters, Montreal, Canada.


November, Modèle Behaviour, Galerie Pangée, Montreal, Canada.


July, Untitled, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.

June, Sensual Art Show, Ucluelet, Canada. 

Solo Exhibition

April 2012, Awakening the Fire, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

October 2011, Anima and Icon, Myra Gallery, Miami, USA

July 2010, Larger than Life, Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

June 2008, Persuasion, Ctrl Lab, Montreal, Canada

January 2007, The Guiding Light, Galerie Le Kop Shop, Montreal, Canada

Art Residency

April 2017. Jardin Orange, Shenzhen, China

May 2016. Gorila Residency, Tulum, Mexico

Art Dealers 

S16 Gallery, Montreal, Canada

JG Contemporary, London, England

1XRUN Detroit, USA


1999- DEC, Illustration and Design, Dawson College, Montreal