Feature on ‘Other’


‘Other’ is a Canadian artist who’s work I’ve been admiring for years in the streets of Montreal. Other started out painting freight trains in the late 80s and is now doing street art and exhibitions around the world.

Other’s paintings are typically quite colourful mashups of patterns, line drawings and realistic renderings of men’s faces. I get the sense that his different approaches to painting within any one work reveal many worlds and cultures coming together and express the complexity that make up our world as a whole. The expressions on the faces of his figures are pensive and sombre or express sternness and anguish, which is quite the contrast to the brilliant colours and patterns.  Much of Other’s work is done on found objects, often on wood panels.

Other will be exhibiting in Saskatoon in the show ‘By What Authority‘ on April 16th, along with Omen and other great street artists. Check out Other’s Flickr for endless amounts of old and new work. He is also repped by Montreal’s Yves Laroche Gallery.