Murals In San Jose, Costa Rica

I recently became very busy during my travels. From Guatemala to Costa Rica I was touring around, backpacking, and checking out the sites. In San Jose, Costa Rica, however, I bunch of opportunities to paint came my way and I jumped on it. Here are some shots of the works I did throughout San Jose. I also decided to open a new section on my site, dedicated to murals. More info on these pieces can be found there.. and more works to come!


Painting in the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica

ledo el buho nesbit

My latest painting. This one is done with acrylic wall paint, about 7×7 feet and done on a metal door of El Buho Vegetariano restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I´m hoping to find some more walls to paint on my travels in Central America this Winter and Spring. If you are interested in having a mural done for a residence, business or institution, hit me up at kevin(at)



Been so damn busy

tony ledo - kevin ledo Carlomusto - kevin ledoI haven’t had time this summer for keeping this site updated and fresh, let alone most other things in my life. I have been so busy that all I can do is sleep when I get the chance, however, I’ve been busy with good things. For the past 3 months or so, I’ve been working on some special effects for the film “Noah,” a film by Darren Aronofsky starring Emma Watson, Russell Crowe and Logan Lerman. It’s basically based off of the biblical story Noah’s Ark.
This is the first time I work in special effects and I quite like it. The studio that I’m working for is full of talented and friendly special effects artists, and learning from them has been, and is, a great experience. I’d love to show you pictures of the animals we are creating, but then I’d get fired.
A few things have been on the back burner in the mean time, slow cooking, and eventually getting done. Just this past month I participated in a group art show in Portland, Oregon. The show is still up and running at Hellion Gallery and is called “Live Free.” The show was curated by a talented artist and friend of mine, Mike Maxwell. Mike put together a selection of artists that he has had on his series of podcasts called “Live Free.” The artwork and participating artist list is quite impressive and I’m happy to be part of it!

I recently finished a few little commissioned artworks. From time to time I take these on and it usually brings me out of what I normally do, which is more of a challenge, but always a good experience in the end. I normally don’t post my commissions in my regular portfolio, but here are 3 that I recently finished. (the shots aren’t the best quality)
Next on the agenda is a BIG change. I’ll be moving to Guatemala in November for 6 to 8 months to learn Spanish, travel around some, and set up a studio to continue doing art. It’s just time to get out of the routine and freshen up my outlook, hopefully create some great art. My plan is to continue writing this blog out there, where I imagine I’ll have more time than I do now.untitled - kevin ledo

Feature on Maria Kreyn

Maria Kreyn is a Russian born, New York based artist. She has a wonderful body of work with paintings and drawings that come from a classical approach, with attention to technique and composition.

What I enjoy is not only not only her technical approach, but her use of light and colour, and the intensity she is able to capture in the faces that she depicts.

Check out more of her work on FB or at her site.

Feature on Pakayla Biehn

Pakayla Biehn is a multidisciplinary artist based out of San Francisco. Featured here are a selection of oil paintings from her “Double Exposure” series. Biehn used a variety of photographs as references for this body of work; some are from single exposure shots from photographer and friend Jeff Enlow, which Biehn digitally composited in Photoshop. Other photographs are double exposure shots from photographer Tamara Lichtenstein.

Biehn’s paintings have a soft and delicate approach, light colour range, which coupled with the a ghostly double exposure effect, gives the work a dreamy, contemplative feel.

Biehn is currently exhibiting at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver city. Check out her webpage or this wonderful interview on Erratic Phenomena.

Feature on Catherine Brooks

I recently came across Catherine Brooks’ paintings and was immediately drawn in to her gorgeous work. It’s easy to say that her portrayals of young beautiful women are attractive, but there are elements that give her work more depth. Brooks is developing imagery for her own mythology, creating a surrealist and mystical world with these beautiful goddesses at the centre. Brooks symbolism and richly atmospheric settings capture frames from magical fairytales and dreamlike narratives.

Considering what my paintings surround, I think it’s obvious why I have an affinity for Brooks’ paintings. Check out more of her wonderful painting on her website.


Feature on Akira Beard

Pop art not dead. Akira Beard is the artist responsible for these wonderful artworks done in watercolor, acrylic, paint marker, ink, and graphite on paper.  Beard lays down a lively energy which appear to be taken from the pages of his sketchbook.

What immediately attracted me to Beard’s work was his use of punchy colours, his raw approach to portraiture and his mash ups of pop culture. In other works you can find hop hop Picasso hand signaling the west coast, mother Theresa sporting some bling or Alfred Hitchcock with a hand gun.  Beard’s work surrounds pop icons and consumer life in America, or more so a critique of them. His mixed media technique, cultural iconic figures, lettering style, scribbles and poppy colour palette give this work a young, fresh feel that appeals to a whole generation.

Check out more of Akira Beard’s work on his Flickr stream.

Feature on Christian Faur’s Crayon Portraits





Sometimes artists get this feeling that it’s all been done before, usually when we’re lackin inspiration and artistic vision. I wish there was some sort of formula, some prescription of actions to take to cure this feeling. While there are a few things that can help, which are probably different for different people, one that is almost a sure shot it seeing some completely refreshing art.

Featured here is Christian Faur. While one might think that this is just some portraiture, or that this is no different than what Pointillism has achieved in the past, all I have to say is that IT”S MADE WITH INDIVIDUAL CRAYONS! How rad is that?

Faur is technical in his approach. He goes about his portraits in a very organized and planned manner, something that I, myself have been used to doing. Pixelated computer print outs of his subjects are used as reference so he knows where each shade and colour of crayon belong. Is he ultimately no different than a technician?  Well one thing I’m learning is that there are no rules, just opinions, and lots of them. As for me, I dig.

Faur does more than just crayons. Check it out on his site.

Feature on Jonathan Viner




I’m not sure if it’s just what I’ve been interested in lately, but it seems to me that there is a big push back to portraiture and a classical approach to painting. I might be wrong about this, but from what I’ve read on the interwebs, this would be part of the constructive post-modern movement. I just really wanted to say that in a sentence. So if this is the case, I’m sailing in a good boat, and so is artist Jonathan Viner.

Viner’s colour palette and technique, from what I can tell, is from a classic approach. In his paintings we can find large areas of dark shadow contrasted by pale skin tones and sometimes areas a flat colour adding a graphic element to his work. This approach to light is one that I’m strongly attracted to as I love the mood it creates. The subjects of his paintings are beautifully executed and are quite attractive figures to begin with.

Viner, born in 76, presently resides in Brooklyn. Check out more paintings and some drawings on his site.


How awesome are Nielly Francoise’s paintings? She has been gaining a lot of attention lately and with good reason. Her work is very appealing to a wide range of audiences. The beautiful, vibrate colours and attractive subjects, some of which are well known personalities, are hard not to notice. Francoise paints at a decently large scale, some of which are as big as twelve feet. Her technique is also something that is not too common lately; she uses paint knives to apply her paint to her canvases.
Francoise was born in the south of France and currently lives and paints in Paris near Montmartre. I suggest checking out more of her work. Her website is also gorgeous.