Awakening the Fire

I’m having my next exhibition on April 6th, 2012 at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, titled Awakening the Fire.

I’ll also be showing along side Jose Rivas, an awesome artist from Vancouver, as well as Lawrence Nerbonne, another great artist from Montreal.

I’ll be featuring 14 new works that range in size from 12″ x 18″ to 4′ x 5.’ I will be presenting, for the first time, my latest mixed media works on wood. I’m feeling good about the work in this exhibit and I hope you get the chance to check it out.

Feature on Bao Pham


Bao Pham is an illustrator based out of somewhere in Iowa. Pham’s work is primarily digital, but isn’t limited to it as he also paints, analog style. A lot of what Pham does is centred around fantasy imagery, such as elfs, fairies and zombies; not that zombies isn’t on it’s way to become a reality or anything…

I poked around the internet and found this little collection of his work, which are some of my favorite pieces from Pham. I love his use of colour, it’s just amazing. I especially love when he uses beautifully delicate colours when depicting horrific imagery such as this zombie above.

Pham primarily sites are on blogger and deviant art. Check him out!

Latest Painting

My latest painting, “Natural Phases,” is oil and bronze leaf on wood panel, 48″ high by 36″ across.

It’s an interesting thing that happened with the creation of this painting; I had put together my composition, which I was happy with, and then printed out my references and was set to begin. I had printed out the design in it’s entirety, as well as two details, or close ups, so that I can get good references for my painting. Then, there I was before the panel, all set to commence. I laid out the three reference pages and one of the close ups caught my eye. It was intriguing as it was, only displaying a portion of the full image. It left elements of the image in question and it posed more questions than the initial idea. I liked the ambiguity it presented. And so, after about a day of contemplation, I decided to go for it. The rest of the painting happened in a similar fashion. Imagery came to mind as I painted which led me to add elements as well as take them away.

Feature on Victor Castillo

If you couldn’t imagine what the dreams and nightmares of the tormented antagonists in Disney movies would be like, allow Victor Castillo to paint you a picture. The evil queen from Snow White would have dreams haunted by masked little girls in pretty dresses. Cinderella’s step mother would be wrestling young princes into submission while the world burns. Aladin’s nemesis, Jafar  would have reoccurring nightmares of his masked sisters sucking the teet of their monstrous four legged beast mother. But maybe that’s just my interpretation.

Victor Castillo is a Chilean born artist based out of Los Angelas. His vulgar and tormented paintings use familiar, cartoon and comic book imagery to communicate ideas of over indulgence, greed and other dark sides of people. His figures of young boys and girls are always freakishly masked. Agressive looking animals and monsters,  dark shadows and harsh spotlighting set the mood for something to make you feel uncomfortable. He knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it well.

Check out more on Castillo’s site. Sweet dreams.

Feature on Dave Macdowell

This Saturday November 6th, at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California, is the “Thinkspace 5 Year Anniversary Show,” and Dave Macdowell is one of the immensely talented artists to exhibit. His paintings are mash ups of all kinds of pop culture references, joining characters and themes from one pop scenario and plopping them in with obscurely related environments or characters. The paintings are incredibly creative, fun and humorous, historical and socially relative, and all done in a classic cartoon like fashion. If you like pop culture, his work is a wealth of endless enjoyment. Check out more of his work!

If you’re near LA this weekend, check out the show, you won’t be disappointed.

start up the christmas machine

Kid Devil Santa

Supersize me

Last night, with the children still running through the streets dressed up as monsters, zombies, bunnies or their favorite pop stars, the over zealous retail stores had their Christmas decorations set up and ready to go. The winding of the Christmas machine is complete, it’s time to unleash it on the people.

This machine is not a fair one. It’s somewhat like a person who has a conversation with you, but doesn’t allow you to talk. Ron English is an artist who joins the conversation, not solely with Christmas advertising campaigns, but with advertising in general. Above are two of his paintings paintings that have something to say. May the festivities begin!

More on Ron English.

Feature on Todd Schorr

Schorr’s mind as a child was “… was filled with a constantly shifting and swirling vortex of imagery in unnatural juxtapositions and combinations.” This might begin to scratch the surface of what goes on behind his eyes. Horror, sci-fi, war, cartoon, cowboy, and puppet shows, comic books and styrene plastic models with a splash of National Geographic have all come together to wire this man’s brain to compose beautifully horrific mishmashes of pop culture imagery in surreal environments. Your childhood fairytale and cartoon characters will never be the same. This is a small sample of what Schorr is capable of.  Check him out!