Been so damn busy

tony ledo - kevin ledo Carlomusto - kevin ledoI haven’t had time this summer for keeping this site updated and fresh, let alone most other things in my life. I have been so busy that all I can do is sleep when I get the chance, however, I’ve been busy with good things. For the past 3 months or so, I’ve been working on some special effects for the film “Noah,” a film by Darren Aronofsky starring Emma Watson, Russell Crowe and Logan Lerman. It’s basically based off of the biblical story Noah’s Ark.
This is the first time I work in special effects and I quite like it. The studio that I’m working for is full of talented and friendly special effects artists, and learning from them has been, and is, a great experience. I’d love to show you pictures of the animals we are creating, but then I’d get fired.
A few things have been on the back burner in the mean time, slow cooking, and eventually getting done. Just this past month I participated in a group art show in Portland, Oregon. The show is still up and running at Hellion Gallery and is called “Live Free.” The show was curated by a talented artist and friend of mine, Mike Maxwell. Mike put together a selection of artists that he has had on his series of podcasts called “Live Free.” The artwork and participating artist list is quite impressive and I’m happy to be part of it!

I recently finished a few little commissioned artworks. From time to time I take these on and it usually brings me out of what I normally do, which is more of a challenge, but always a good experience in the end. I normally don’t post my commissions in my regular portfolio, but here are 3 that I recently finished. (the shots aren’t the best quality)
Next on the agenda is a BIG change. I’ll be moving to Guatemala in November for 6 to 8 months to learn Spanish, travel around some, and set up a studio to continue doing art. It’s just time to get out of the routine and freshen up my outlook, hopefully create some great art. My plan is to continue writing this blog out there, where I imagine I’ll have more time than I do now.untitled - kevin ledo

Feature on Carmelo Blandino






Carmelo Blandino is an incredibly talented and inspirational artist as well as a great person. I had the pleasure of being his student when he was a teacher at Dawson College in Illustration and Design. Since then we have become friends and he has become a sort of guiding light in this stormy sea of making fine arts a career. As a person, Carmelo is very positive and encouraging. His luscious paintings are masterfully executed in technique, colour and form. His subjects are aesthetically pleasing with the added depth of exploring eastern ideologies and philosophy.

Carmelo Blandino is presently having an exhibition at Galerie de Bellefeuille in Montreal. His bio is below:

Born to Sicilian parents in Tübingen, Germany, and raised in the culturally charged city of Montreal, Quebec, Blandino studied art and design at the city’s local colleges and began a successful career as a freelance illustrator, working with architects, designers, and advertising agencies. In 2002, Blandino shifted his focus to the world of fine art. Today, his paintings are widely known for their immediacy and their sensual, even lascivious expressions of colour, movement, and shape. His work is exhibited in New York, Palm Beach, Naples, Stockholm, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and his beloved Montreal. He has conducted summer workshops at Von Liebig Art Center of Naples, Florida, and taught drawing for many years at Dawson College in Montreal before transplanting himself to Naples, Florida where he lives today.

Awakening the Fire

I’m having my next exhibition on April 6th, 2012 at Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, titled Awakening the Fire.

I’ll also be showing along side Jose Rivas, an awesome artist from Vancouver, as well as Lawrence Nerbonne, another great artist from Montreal.

I’ll be featuring 14 new works that range in size from 12″ x 18″ to 4′ x 5.’ I will be presenting, for the first time, my latest mixed media works on wood. I’m feeling good about the work in this exhibit and I hope you get the chance to check it out.

Feature on Pakayla Biehn

Pakayla Biehn is a multidisciplinary artist based out of San Francisco. Featured here are a selection of oil paintings from her “Double Exposure” series. Biehn used a variety of photographs as references for this body of work; some are from single exposure shots from photographer and friend Jeff Enlow, which Biehn digitally composited in Photoshop. Other photographs are double exposure shots from photographer Tamara Lichtenstein.

Biehn’s paintings have a soft and delicate approach, light colour range, which coupled with the a ghostly double exposure effect, gives the work a dreamy, contemplative feel.

Biehn is currently exhibiting at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver city. Check out her webpage or this wonderful interview on Erratic Phenomena.


Ayden Gallery’s 7 Year Anniversary Exhibtion

I’ll be participating in next week’s exhibition in Vancouver along with a crowd of fantastic artists. The opening is on Friday the 18th of February.

Toms Shoes handed out a pair of their shoes to every artist to paint on which will be part of the exhibition.

OMEN ART SHOW B-sides & horrors in Mtl

This Thursday, the 21st of October, OMEN, Canada’s renown graffiti artist will be having an art opening at Alibi in Montreal. Featured are some new drawings on the theme of horror and some never before seen oil paintings.

OMEN has been painting the streets of Montreal since the late 90s and his high contrast, realistic and surreal portraiture can be found all over the streets of Montreal and Toronto and in art collections around the world. OMEN is a friend of mine and has definitely been an influence of mine since I began painting. Here is what I found on his blog about his upcoming show:

“A small limited occasion that allows you to see & collect some of the works of Montreal artist OMEN.

Due to situation completely within my control we are able to bypass gallery fees this one time and pass the savings on to you! This is the exception not the rule. Works include: horror based watercolours done for the event, drawings, never seen oil paintings, and more.

Come one come all and have the chance to own an OMEN original. This a BYOB event”